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Historische Orte im Stadtteil
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This large residential and commercial building with a massive hipped mansard roof and “avant corps” pavilions was erected in 1924/25 by the municipal building authorities on an unevenly shaped site in a prime location.

The building is surrounded by Steubenstrasse, where you are standing, by a parking area to the north, and by the narrow alley Untere Kirchgasse behind it.

The residents greatly appreciated the location and the surroundings, particularly the view of the park opposite, Graham Park, and the tram connection to the town.

Today it belongs to GGH (Gesellschaft für Grund- und Hausbesitz), a society owned 100% by the town of Heidelberg and responsible for letting over 7,000 apartments in the town.

The construction of this two-storey building in neo-Baroque style took place at the same time as that of the larger Atzelhof complex. Atzelhof is a little further south, opposite St. Vitus Church. There are some similarities in the architecture, for example in the grooved corner pilaster strips and archways, and the stylized yoke elements above the windows.

Buildings that previously stood on this site in Mittelstrasse (later renamed Steubenstrasse) before 1924.
Graham Park is to the right and the tram tracks can be seen in the middle of the road.

Another view of the previous buildings on this site before 1924 – view from the south. (Foto: Tiefburg Archives)

This site was originally occupied by a farm building, the so-called ice house, which belonged to the nearby Schlösschen, or little castle.  Behind it were the main house and outbuildings of a nursery belonging to the Schlechter family. All these buildings were demolished to make way for the widening of the road and the present residential and commercial building. (bm)